Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's a new phenomenon and a new word for the dictionary.  It involves taking time off work, staying home and calling it a STAYCATION.

 Perhaps today's economy  invented this new method of taking a vacation without spending money, wearing out frazzled nerves or  wasting time  in airport  security lines or gas station bathrooms. I think it's here to STAY! But I'm not sure it's for me!

These past few weeks I've been on STAYCATION! 
However wonderful the concept sounds, the floors still cry out to be mopped, clothes don't jump out of the dryer and onto hangers by themselves and dinner is NOT served by a guy smiling for a tip!  All those chores are still completed by ME!  And I'M supposed to be on STAYCATION!

I don't have the concept mastered yet.  Evidently for this to be successful I must PRETEND that I'm staying at a 5-star hotel, get up at noon, laze around the rest of the day and convince Honeybuns that eating dinner out is the ONLY option.  I should be reading summertime thrillers, playing games on the ipad, watching old movies and eating chocolate. 

It's just not happening!

STAYCATION is a FRAUD!  It can't happen, it's a misnomer!  It's impossible!

 I'm ready to fly away to a far distant land (preferably  to a cooler climate) and spend hours examining the backs of my eyelids.

Having experienced a STAYCATION  also solidifies the fact that  henceforth we'll NOT be taking a "tour-the-west" road trip in an RV.  I've given this a lot of thought, too.  Taking the kitchen along on a vacation is another no-BRANER!

Now I'm convinced that both the RV road trip and the concept of STAYCATION were conceived by a husband trying to stay on a budget!

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