Sunday, February 27, 2011


Our Academy Award Oscar party consisted of just one attendee, ME!  ( Honeybuns could have cared less about it and Thompson was snoozing in his crib.)

We never watch that thing.  It always centers around people we've never heard of and movies we've never seen.  BUT..this year we did get out to the big screen to see "The King's Speech" and I was hoping it would win.  Therefore I held my own little party!  I sat through it from the beginning, pretty much in awe of the dresses and the perfect bodies that were wearing them.   (Some of those gals are so very beautiful until they open their mouths and try to utter a comprehensive sentence!) The designers were acknowledged and should have won some awards for all those beads, trains, sequins and silk.  I too wore my favorite gown as I partied....nightgown that is!

I enjoyed the men, too.  Jeff Bridges should have won something for "True Grit."  Second-place maybe?
My choice of the favorite 10 movies nominated WON!   It actually won best director, best actor and best picture.  What a night for a movie that had no car chase scene, no building's blown up, no aliens appearing, and no "ripping the bodice" sex scene.  For all of those reasons, it should not have even been nominated.

For all of those reasons I know folks that won't even go see it, too boring you know!

I loved the history behind the story, the devotion of the queen, the tenacity of the King who persevered and conquered his speech impediment.  It was an inspiring story.

THEN, tonight when the director was giving his "thank you, everyone" speech he acknowledged his mother.  It seems it was his mother that gave him the idea to make a movie of this true story.  She sat in the audience so proud and so beautiful.  That was almost as rewarding as picking the winner!

Closing the ceremony was a children's choir from Brooklyn, NY, singing "Somewhere, Over the Rainbow."  That was the icing on the cake.  Those fresh, young beautiful children were the stars of the whole event for me.

The night was full of inspiration, beauty, lovely children and a proud mother!

It was a great party.  I'm glad I came!

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